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Farm Insurance

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As a farmer you are in a unique situation. Your farm is both your home, as well as your livelihood, and both need to be protected. Your farm is unique with different buildings and equipment and livestock than your neighbor so it can be challenging to select the appropriate product. Our team will happily look after this for you by offering you a thorough and effective farm insurance package that will eliminate any feelings of stress or worry.

Through a personal review of your farm operations, Doner-Horsley will work with you to determine your exact needs before offering you the products and services needed to match those needs. Our approach is personal, diligent and honest so you can have peace of mind in knowing you will be totally protected should an unexpected event affect your farm.

Farm coverage’s available include:

  • Farm House
  • Barns
  • Implements Sheds
  • Farm Machinery
  • Produce
  • Loss of Income
  • Livestock
  • Farm Liability
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Produce and Livestock

Dairy Insurance

Dairy insurance goes beyond just cows. In fact if you own and operate a dairy farm you know that there is specialized equipment that needs careful and unique consideration. You may be interested in our dairy packages for coverage related to liability, loss of income and milk.

Poultry and Livestock Insurance

All of your livestock is taken care of with poultry and livestock insurance coverage. Insurance packages are adjusted according to the specific livestock you have. For instance, if you operate a poultry farm, we will tweak our package to include even greater protection for your eggs, poultry, and poultry operation equipment as well. Your livestock is in exceptional hands with our customized insurance packages; simply ask for more information in regards to your protection options.

Equine Insurance

Horse farms come with their own individual liabilities. Not only do you have members of the public likely at your door, you also need coverage for stabling horses. After all, you are responsible while these horses are under your care which means providing proper shelter, food, and exercise. Whether you own horses, stables, boarders, or equine facilities, we have insurance packages that cover each of these circumstances. Get in touch with us to speak to our professionals about coverage for your horses and bloodstock.

Cash Crop Insurance

This coverage is ideal for the majority of agricultural products like potatoes, grain and other produce, silage, fruits and others. Any equipment required for producing your crops will also need to be covered.

Hobby Farm Insurance

Your Hobby Farm or Country Property may be more than simply a hobby to you! If your farm’s purpose is to provide extra income or food for your family, you’ll need coverage for your “hobby” farm in an effort to ensure your finances and family members are covered, with no surprises. Or perhaps ta portion of your property is rented to a neighboring farmer. We’ll design a policy that meets your unique requirements.

Farm Liability

Farm liability insurance is available so you are fully protected against any claims made against your farm; this includes claims of bodily injury to a third party, any medical bills associated with the party’s injuries, and it also covers damage to someone else’s property, occurring at your farm or because of your operations. This insurance coverage will also assist you financially, covering any expenses necessary for your legal defense, and any claim payments you are found liable for.

Farm Buildings

Aside from home coverage, your insurance policy should also have adequate coverage for separate structures on your property including farm houses, barns, sheds, garages and any other buildings that house livestock, equipment or farm supplies.

Farm Machinery

You need proper protection for your farm machinery on top of everything else; without functioning farming equipment you can’t run your operation smoothly, irrigation systems, feed processing and tillage and harvest equipment are all covered under farm machinery coverage. We can customize a policy to handle all of your equipment or you may choose a scheduled policy for equipment of high value.

Include your farm autos and a further discount can be had.

Insurance companies we work with:

Germania Mutual Insurance
Portage Mutual Insurance
Optimum Insurance
EdgeMutual Insurance
Intact Insurance
Dufferin Mutual Insurance
Echelon Insurance
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