Travel Insurance

Our brokerage is partnered with two excellent companies that can offer you a competitive quote for your travel insurance package. For pre-existing medical conditions please call CanAm.

*Allianz Global Assistance 1-800-491-0851 mention agent code 7135
*CanAm Travel Insurance 1-877-251-4532 agent code 57606

Or use this link to quote CanAm online Get a Quote

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is designed to pay for certain unexpected costs that may arise when you are travelling. These can include emergency hospital/medical costs, trip cancellation and lost baggage.

2. Why buy a policy based on coverage, not on price?

It is natural for us to shop around for the best price. We are always looking for the best value. But providing a full medical disclosure and getting proper, undeniable coverages should be your goal.

3. Doesn’t my government health insurance cover me while outside of my province of residence?

Your provincial health insurance plan will only cover certain amounts if you have an emergency outside of your province of residence which could leave you with out-of-pocket expenses. Even travelling out-of-your province of residence within Canada, you may have to pay additional amounts above OHIP.

4. Is there a limit on how long I can travel outside of my home province (or Canada)?

After 212 days (for Ontario residents), 153 days (for Newfoundland residents) or 183 days (elsewhere in Canada); your government health insurance will cease unless you have prior approval to have your government health insurance extended. Most travel insurance will not cover you beyond this maximum allowable travel period. Be sure to confirm that your coverage will continue for the full duration that you wish to travel.

5. What about pre-existing medical conditions?

One of the companies we carry, CanAm, has packages that cover your already existing medical conditions, no problem. Please call them directly in this case using the telephone number above.