Auto Insurance

There is more to an automobile policy than just a basic policy. There is a minimum standard that is mandatory however insurance companies offer many options and enhancements. Our brokers will act to ensure that you are purchasing the correct coverage for you and your family.

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Certain factors will determine your automobile rate such as:

  • Driving record including accidents and tickets
  • Age and experience of all drivers
  • Type and use of the vehicle

You maybe surprised to learn that there are many choices available in terms of coverage, limits and deductibles. There are also many ways to reduce premiums such as combining your property and auto insurance, installing theft deterrent equipment, increasing your deductible.

Our brokers at Doner-Horsley are here to help you obtain the right coverage at the best price. We will do a no obligation review of your needs and match you with the company that meets your requirements.

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Auto Insurance Made Easy and Affordable

Gone are the days when the automobile insurance product was easy to understand. Changes brought in by the government effective June 1, 2016 has changed this product immensely.

Our experienced CSR’s will walk you through these changes so you will understand exactly what your automobile policy covers you for.  Knowledge and personal service continues to be our motto.